RP2 [Preview]Sims 4: Man Rocket and Boob Mechanics


And how many expansions can we be expecting?


Yorkie: It’s not for girls. That chocolatey slogan set my blood on fire, and as I devoured my purchased snack I refused Nestle’s denial that I should like it. Or have it. The same can be applied here. Sims: It’s just for girls. Bollocks. Grab this game and live life vicariously through a virtual proxy.

If you haven’t heard of Maxis’ best selling Sims you must have been living under a rock. Or at least have been holding your hands over your ears. Maxis is due to release a new installment to their collection in 2014, ‘The Sims 4’, so what is it and how far has it come from good old Bob Newbie?



Poor Bob, we’ve come a long way since then.


Everyone has a God complex. It’s alright, we’re honest here. The Sims stokes the inner five year old, the five year old that took so much enjoyment in nurturing and destroying that anthill. I lost count of how many hours I’ve put into building up my Sims, giving them the best shot at life, bringing them from lowly busker to fully blown rockstar. Then I’ll spend ages building intricate deathtraps, perhaps a massive spiraling pool which not only kills my household, but the mailman too! (No more bills yay!) The Sims gives you Godlike power over a Sim-ish anthill, and leaves you to your glorious contentment.q1

The newest installment Sims is more of the same, but has also built upon a greater degree of intuitive development. The character creation screen is no longer a long list of sliders, you click, or drag on the desired body part to edit and change it. There will be 18 touch points on your Sim allowing you to create unique facial structures and physiques. Your Sims can now perform multiple actions. Talking AND walking? Genius. All this will make for more believable Sims.



Yes.. Let the hate flow through you Sim


The Sims now have emotions as well, and these emotions will govern what kind of actions you can make your Sims do, and open up special options. For example, a furious Sim will get much more out of a workout, or can create special pieces of art (painting or written), whereas interacting with other Sims might make for a negative outcome. Teamed with a new technology dubbed ‘SmartSim’ this will lead to a more believable life simulation.


Sir Mix-A-lot has a song about this methinks


The building tools have also changed, instead of tq3he usual building walls one tile at a time, it’s more of a drop and develop feel. Users will drop singular square rooms down and then edit them to the desired shape. The latest updates haven’t shown whether or not I’ll be able to make those beautiful diagonal walls, but Maxis have put in a new tool which will be saving users oodles of time. You will now be able to relocate entire rooms, furniture and all. It’s Sim-ish wizardry.


Their new buildings look great, unlike their logo.


Thankfully the development team have learned from the botches of their SimCity reboot, and have kept the Sims 4 experience single player and offline, however users will still be able to share content online, just like the previous games.

With all the new features I am planning on getting the Sims 4, I know it’s going to consume many an hour, I love character creation. I think I spent more time creating my character in Skyrim than playing the actual game, so I’m excited to have a greater degree of control. My only concerns are whether the new intuitive building tools will make creating the buildings less entertaining and how many bugs will occur when the Sims perform multiple actions.

The main differences between Sims 3 and Sims 4? More realistic Sims, from AI to looks and an intuitive interface.

Thoughts? Comments? Degdeg!
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To get my title watch the gameplay trailer and all will become clear. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjPPjU8OARg


2 responses to “RP2 [Preview]Sims 4: Man Rocket and Boob Mechanics

  1. The new ‘Create a Sims’ tool is really impressive. I love the way you can get quite detailed when customizing body features of your Sims. I’m really excited about this feature. I think that we should expect to see more interesting aspects about the Sims 4 in the coming months. After all, the game is still in early development and we have several months before the 2014 launch.

    • Hi Jake,
      I’m too excited and can’t wait to get my hands on it. I think the ‘SmartSim’ aspect is going to be my favourite advancement, but I’m a sucker for character creation myself.
      I wonder what tidbits we’ll be seeing from Maxis/ The Sims Studio next, and where they’ll be taking the series.

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