[Review] The Walking Dead Season 2: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart Sweetpea (Spoiler Free Review)

Tell Tale Games built a foundation of hope, trust and expectation by transitioning so well from The Walking Dead Season 1 to The Wolf Among Us, but can they continue with this growth in The Walking Dead Season 2, and how will they manage to integrate it into the game?

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[Preview] The Memory of Eldurim

Kickstarter, the proving grounds for many a game has another hopeful recruit. Enter The Memory of Eldurim, the debut project of indie company Liminal Games. This small, Utah based company, is developing something that promises to be a mix of free roaming RPG fun and uncompromising combat. Not unlike some sort of Dark Souls and Skyrim lovechild. With only a few days to conquer their monolithic target of $150,000, I’m left to wonder whether they will continue to try to make such an epic dream a reality.

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