Holidays, Transformers and 74-Z Speederbikes

Hello there!
It’s been a wild journey, but now I can officially say that I’ve been to the states! (Huzzah) I faced my fear of fish, by swimming with them, (no more getting freaked out in Skyrim about those pesky Slaughterfish)
And there were so many neat things there.

Like vintage Power-Rangers costumes.

I freaking loved Trini. Almost as much as the green ranger, but alas, they only had the yellow and pink ranger suits on display.

Speederbikes with no supervision.
I was severely disappointed there were no Trooper guards that I could get a photo with.

And Prime times.
He was very unstable in that costume. I have a great respect for people who wear stilts/ heels.

So without further delay, we’ll be back into our regular posting ways!
Thanks for the patience.


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