The adventures of a Ready Player Crew

Groggy and slightly dazed, the ReadyPlayer2 crew having only just survived the train journey joined the masses who waited in line to enter Earl’s Court. We’re a mixed bunch, so some had lengthy journeys to contend with, but managed to hold off the grumps. United for the first time ever, we had to pause to take in how tall Ross actually was, who dwarfed the rest of us. Despite his ability to rise above crowd level, Ross was the first to successfully sneak off to play some unscheduled video games. Rich is just as unfiltered as he seems to be, with a boundless energy that managed to counterbalance the relatively sleepy El, who had to struggle through her ‘small-man’ syndrome. Lewis was the level headed and business minded part of the crew who managed to keep community members entertained whilst the rest of us snuck off to play video games. Cero overcame many obstacles in order to attend, but thrilled with his battle-mastery and epic flyering skills.


Ready Player Crew gets a bird’s eye view of the situation to suss out the best route to take. Wow, many bodies, much people. Such queue.

The queues were a sea of barely restrained gamers, just itching to get hands on with whatever Eurogamer had to offer. After receiving the wrist bands that would grant us passage into Eurogamer, we were herded through double-doors into a vacuous venue, and immediately blinded to all the options that were open to us. There are programs scattered around for the taking, so do take one, they contain a handy floor plan. If you do attend next year, be on the lookout for us! We handed out some nifty flyers that Rich created, they contained something secret that allowed you to enter into a competition to win prizes. It was the biggest competition we’ve done, so be on the lookout.


El retreats to her usual dark corner, and gets her daily ration of blood with Castlevania.

It’s a Con we will certainly be attending again, and what with free-roaming zombies and a platitude of cosplayers, next year will be just as popular, not just amongst gamers, but to a broader community. And that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Sharing your enthusiasm with fellow enthused people. It’s rather infectious. The RP2 crew traveled as a group, consuming as many games as we could. Sharing the experience of a con amongst friends is definitely the way to go.


Lewis has dem mad presenter skills.


We swear Ross is half Treant, but he’ll never tell.

I must say to anyone attending next year’s Eurogamer, make sure you visit the indie section! Not only do you get to see and experience new and tantalising ideas, (some of which might become classics of the future), you get to partake in the passion of the creators. These independant developers are fantastic, brimming with boundless energy about their ideas and dreams, and it’s a joy to listen to them talk. These people value your opinions, your thoughts and ideas about their games, and above all they really value your time. If there’s one message you take away from this, it’s to spend time in the wild and less trodden section of any convention, to seek out the gems hidden within it. You’ll certainly not be sorry for it.


Ready Player 2 mixes with other Podcasting geniuses TPOW during down time.

Despite the sheer numbers of those who flocked to the event, the venue was roomy, and not once did it feel over-crowded. There was something for everyone to play, from relaxing in the street pass section of the Nintendo booth, to getting your adrenaline kick with the blood drenched games in the adult section. We particularly enveloped ourselves in the indie section, if you haven’t realised that already. The wait to hop onto games was short, and the pickings were bountiful. The Ready Player Crew found much more enjoyment here than anywhere else. The food court was next highest on the list.


Rich plays Doom Piano with mixed success.

Despite it not feeling claustrophobic, it was incredibly packed. So do get your tickets in early folks. There’s so much to see, I would advise, if you can, to spend two days there, in order to take everything in. Come prepared, with a hand-held entertainment device so as to get through without boredom in some of the lengthier queues. Bring water, so you don’t get dehydrated. The food was decently priced, and we all managed to find a seat, which was definitely a bonus in our eyes, but for those of you on a tight budget, bring a packed lunch or buy food from a nearby shop, as it will cause much less damage to your wallet.


A Ready Player Crew breaks for lunch, and serious business.

After a lengthy but joyful weekend, filled with adventures and laughs, the Ready Player 2 crew had to depart. Till next year Eurogamer, when we’ll be bigger and better than ever. Prepare for us.
We hope you’ll join us too. Cheers!

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