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Hey guys,
I’m being a busy little squirrel balancing two jobs at the moment, and we’re finally getting all the little extras ironed out here at Escapingirl.
In the next few weeks the posting schedule may become erratic, that is because between my time fighting crime and reviewing games for another website, I will be working on two things:
a) VIDEOS! That’s right, we’ll be getting some quality game time with you, and you can laugh at my gruff mannerisms to boot.
b) RELEASING THE KRAKEN! -Ahem- I mean website. We’ll be expanding quite a bit, and as such we will be making this into more than just a wordpress. We’ve ordered equipment, shiny things and books that teach us how to do stuff.

So we’re hoping between all that we’ll be able to keep content going up at the very least on weekends, but from me to you,
thank you so much for your patience and understanding.
I’ll keep you posted.
Much love-squeezings,



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