RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Myst, Cyan have released an updated copy of realMyst, (for Windows and Mac). Looking like having had much more than just a new lick of paint, the realMyst: Masterpiece Edition combines the best of Myst and realMyst.



Visually, the remake has come leaps and bounds, and I hope newer generations of gamers will be pulled to this classic now it’s in a more presentable package. Amidst reports of bugs and glitches, the team is working on removing any problems, and it’s nice to see a crew with some pride in their work listening to the voices of their audience, rather than ignoring the reported issues.

Although my views on this game are tinted with nostalgia, (having been one of my favourite point and clicks as a child), I can still wholeheartedly recommend this game to veterans and newbies alike. The Cyan group create very non-hostile environments, and their releases are great ways to unwind in the evenings.



With it’s in-depth and engrossing storyline and interesting puzzles, it’s one of my must-haves in any gamers library. And on the plus side, in order to reward fans of the original, if you own a copy of the original realMyst on steam, you’ll get 33% off the remake.


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