Forced: Betadwarf


If you’re not a team player then now’s the time to learn.


BetaDwarf Entertainment is a new, and growing, Danish group of game developers that are currently working on a tactical gladiator co-op game named Forced. Starting off in life as a University project, Forced is now in the final stages of production, having won over the Kickstarter crowds and already winning awards.

We managed to get our grubby mitts on the game for a few moments, and were instantly taken with it. You can watch Rich talk to Steffan, (CEO of BetaDwarf), and take at look at some gameplay here:



Forced is a co-operative gaming experience, build group-up with multi-player in mind, but BetaDwarf has also ensured that the game will be enjoyable for single players too. It’s cross-platform compatible and is confirmed to be available from the 28th October on Steam (PC, Mac, Linux), and the Wii-u. BetaDwarf have plans to make their game available for Steam OS users and playable on next-gen consoles sometime in 2014.




There are four unique character classes, each with their own 16 unlockable abilities, and 25 arenas to play through. Each arena has it’s own challenges that you can try to overcome, with BetaDwarf estimating that the hardcore gamers attempting to 100% the game will rack up around 25 hours of in-game playtime.




Forced does not utilise random number generators, which means that your game experience will be determined by your ability to play the game, and how well you can co-ordinate with others. Team co-ordination and group tactics are essential in order to overcome A.I units. Mobs work together and are capable of acting in different ways in their attempts to beat the players. The tactical AI enables the in-game mobs to separate and isolate players, use one-another as shields, buff one another and side-step attacks.

There is also a puzzle aspect to this game. You’re accompanied by a spirit guide called Balfus, an orb like being reminiscent of Navi, just not as annoying. This spirit guide can freely be called between players, and this dynamic is used to activate shrines throughout the game. There are also occasions where certain shrines give Balfus an effect, we encountered a shrine which enabled Balfus to be used like a bomb in order to destroy statues.




It’s out right now on steam, retailing for £9.49 or you can get a four-pack to share with your friends for £28.49. These prices are currently reduced, with the single game price planned to retail between £11.49/ £12, so get in for a bargain soon. (These prices for Early access include all future updates, so you’re covered for the future too.) Release date at time of print set for the 28th October.

BetaDwarf have allowed the RP2 crew early access to Forced, so expect a full review once it’s released and some let’s play videos soon!

Find out more:


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