The Humble Indie Bundles: Feel good gaming.


Oh Soundtracks too. Orchestral!

So what’s this about a bundle?  Why the fuck should I care?
Sit down, because Humble Indie Bundle is doing a thing. A good thing. They let you decide where your money goes. You want to support developers? Sure thing. How about those working at HIB? Yup, you can give those guys a slice of your donation.
Charity? The charities that are supported always sound amazing. The recent Humble Bundle 8 supported the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a group of tech savvy peeps that defend your right to privacy and freedom of expression online. Also supported was Child’s Play, a charitable group that provides sick kids with consoles and games to play on whilst they’re in hospital.
I wish all purchases worked like this! You get some sweet games and you get to feel like a good human bean. Look at you, supporting charities. It’s a seriously good feeling.


Because gamers aren’t all murdering psychopaths

These are games that most of us wouldn’t buy at first glance, Dustforce? A game about cleaning? Hmm, let’s pop that one back on the shelf. Well, I’ve lost a chunk of my life to that game, as it’s a bloody cracker of a platformer.  Who’d have thought housework could be so addictive? Thanks bundle, for introducing me to Janitorial avengers!


Watch as Mac, Windows and Linux battle it out for the biggest slice of pie. Windows and proud.

The bundle also includes some golden nuggets, games that have proven their salt or have brilliant character, games that don’t get the AAA seal of approval. Games like Psychonauts or Bastion. More recently, however, you can catch games made by more established developers, or games for android phones, or e-book bundles! Good gravy, so much choice!

These bundles crop up every so often, and for a limited time period only. Often, if you pay the average going price for the bundle, you get extra games or tid-bits. The HIB website has now, due to its success, started weekly sales. I’ve been rather dejected that I missed out on some sam and max games whilst I weedled away at work.

When you can pick up a bundle of 6+ games for $5, your student wallet is going to be weeping in relief. I know I’m forever counting pennies, and unfortunately sometimes dont have too much to spend on games, so the bundle is often a saving grace!


The slider of choice. With great sliding bars comes great responsibility.

Other than being cheap, morally lovely and taking up a massive chomp out of your free time, the humble bundle is also a great way of playing and experiencing a wide spectrum of games, helping you discover games and genres you’d never think of playing. There’s something for everyone on the bundle.

The humble indie bundle: If it were a man, I’d marry the shit out of him.


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